Fix Your Posture

Using the latest AI, analyse & fix your posture with Re/Align


Why it matters?

Modern lifestyle tends to encourage sitting hunched over laptops and staring down at our mobile phones. The head weighs about 12 lbs (5.4 kg) on average, but poor posture can add as much as 48 lbs (21 kg) extra weight on the spine, as commonly happens when staring down at our phones. This can cause neck, shoulder and back pain as some muscles become weak, and others tight, potentially compounding bad habits to form poor posture.

Fortunately stretches, exercises and movement can help return our spine to it's natural alignment by resolving these muscle balances.

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    Reduced pain

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    Look & feel more confident

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    Increased energy

Allignment Matters
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How it works?

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first step

Capture your posture

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Selfie mode

  • Rest your phone vertically, or use a stand
  • Stand in front of the phone
  • Listen to the voice prompts & rotate when prompted to capture your front, right, posterior and left sides
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Assisted mode

  • Ask someone to capture your posture from the front, right, posterior and left sides.
second step

Analyse your results

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Track your progress

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